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Gesplan Solution


Manage contractual obligations and compliance with Covenant clauses with automation, collaboration and compliance.


Automation, security and efficiency to make compliance with contractual clauses and obligations more simplified

How the solution makes your routine easier

Some operations contracts require compliance with Financial, Operational, Statutory or Environmental obligations as a way of providing greater security to investors, creditors, institutions and external agents. However, incurring increased guarantees, payment of fees or restrictions on new loans may be consequences of inefficient management of Covenants.

To avoid this scenario, the Gesplan solution is the right answer. With monitoring alerts, automated workflows, inclusion of justifications, attachments, calculations and indexes customized by the user, the software provides greater agility, security and risk mitigation in the management of Covenants.

As it is a cloud solution, integrated with the ERP and treasury routines in controlling financial operations, its use also makes the entire process more collaborative and productive.

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Control Financial, Operational, Statutory and Environmental Covenants

Risk and Compliance Management with a specialized, automated solution

Alerts for deadlines, tasks, schedules, validity periods and messaging

Automated calculations and measurements of Financial Covenants, integrated with ERP

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Benefits of Covenants Management

Discover the advantages of adopting the Gesplan solution for managing Contract Clauses:

» Monitoring the status of compliance with clauses;
» Information reliability and ERP integration;
» Monitoring of positive and negative Covenants;
» Cost reduction and time optimization in compliance management;
» Risk Management and Compliance: compliance with management and corporate governance (SOX);
» Automated calculations and measurements of Financial Covenants;
» Market intelligence with predefined models for greater productivity;
» Alerts on deadlines, tasks, validity periods and information;
» Automatic reports with workflows, scheduling, messaging and justifications;
» Control of clauses relevant to financing, funding and loan contracts.

Benefícios da gestão de Covenants
Dashboard Covenants

In-depth analyzes to ensure the assertiveness of your management

Through the interactive dashboard available in the Gesplan solution, it is possible to view panels and generate reports for more assertive and productive control of Covenants and contractual obligations.

» Generation of monitoring and reporting reports;
» Automatic or pre-scheduled reports and alerts;
» Trend monitoring and projections;
» Status of compliance and non-compliance with clauses.

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Integration and compliance combined in a single software

Simplify the management of obligations and contractual clauses for risk mitigation with an integrated and collaborative solution.


» Integration with ERP and financial planning;
» Integration between platforms;
» Intuitive solutionIt is easy to operate;
» Updated solution in accordance with market standards and best practices.

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“Gesplan’s differentials are the powerful tools that we use in our daily lives.”

Rafael Neto | Controller


“We obtained efficiency gains in internal controls and standardization of information."

Michael Lima | Accounting


“With the automation of several processes, we gained in time management."

Mayrelin Marques | Financial Analyst
Marquise Gestão Corporativa


“We now have greater control of our operations, making our decision making more assertive and helping in understanding the market.”

Denise Soares | Financial Management

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