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Get to know the software for financial planning and treasury management, thinking about the market practices of national and multinational companies

Financial Operations Management

Manage investment, loan, surety, loan and derivative contracts through intelligent models, with automated financial market accounting and quotes. 

Cash Flow Management

Manage the Cash Flow and Liquidity with total control of financial transactions carried out, planned, and budgeted in the short, medium and long term.

Planning, Budget and Profitability

Explore different scenario analysis through projections of the Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Cash Flow, and economic-financial reports, with control over operating expenses and budgetary budgets.

Rental and Lease Management

Standardize the control and consolidation of information, generate accounting information in full compliance with IFRS 16, and automate the calculation of balances, present value, contractual adjustments, and taxes.

Management of Clauses and Contractual Obligations

Monitor the performance of contractual obligations and compliance with Financial and Non-Financial Covenants clauses through follow-up alerts and workflows, with automation, security and compliance.


“We now have greater control over our operations, making our decision more assertive and helping to understand the market.”

Denise Soares | Financial Management


"We obtained gains in efficiency, internal controls and standardization of information."

Michael Lima | Accounting


"Each closing day, there are more than 4 hours of activities that are reduced and optimized."

Silvio Roberto Camargo | Corporate Controllership


"The gains are indeed diverse in every way. The tool is excellent."

Rodolfo dos Santos Ramos | Financial Operations Coordinator
Lojas Marisa


“We have gained agility and reliability in our financial, controlling and accounting processes with Gesplan solutions.”

Luiz Flor | Treasury
Eliane Revestimentos


“A strategic solution that generates better results, gains in performance and reliability in numbers.”

Daniela Nobrega | Treasury Coordinator
UPL Agrícola


"It provides security and confidence in strategic decisions.”

Fabio Trugílio | Corporate Financial Planning Director
Grupo Ecorodovias


"We constantly simulate scenarios, and the tool has supported us in making decisions."

Gustavo Ballaroti Tarfowskiro | Financial Director


“It helped us to reduce the volume of manual activities, making the process more friendly, reliable and efficient.”

Joyce Cristine de Oliveira Silva | Financial Control
Unimed BH


"With the automation of several processes, we have gained time management."

Mayrelin Marques | Financial Analyst
Marquise Gestão Corporativa


“Gesplan's differentials are the powerful tools we use in our daily lives.”

Rafael Neto | Controller

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