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WFN Lease

Standardize, automate calculations, and perform accounting in full compliance with IFRS 16 / CPC 06 (R2)

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WFN LEASE | IFRS 16 / CPC 06 (R2)

Rental and Lease Management

WFN Lease is the cloud solution for management of rental and leasing of properties, equipment, fleets, and agricultural partnerships, adapting the calculation of contracts to the rules of IFRS 16, determined by the IASB. With the WFN Lease it is possible to automate the projections of contractual adjustments and manage the assets leased by the company in an agile and easy way.

Allowing the financial and accounting recognition of the balance of contracts and calculations at present value, WFN Lease performs the accounting automatically and fully integrated with the company's accounting system. It also allows you to consolidate information and generate dynamic graphs and reports.

Forget spreadsheets and parallel controls!

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Calculations of projections of future contractual adjustments

Balances of contracts at present value

Segregation of accounting events (balances, assets, liabilities, etc.)

Compliance with IFRS 16 / CPC 06 (R2) (Compliance, SOX, IFRS, etc.)

Benefits far beyond your ERP


» Automatic measurement of the right-to-use assets and lease liabilities;
» Management of leased assets;
» Automatic integration of indexes, currencies and rates;
» Allows the inclusion of your own indicators, such as projections, customized curves and commodities, for updating contracts;
» Automation, improvement and integration of processes;
» Compliance with IFRS 16 / CPC 06 (R2) (Compliance, SOX, IFRS, etc.);
» Management and control of treasury complementary to accounting and cash flow;
» Consolidated information on leasings and rentals;
» Automation of usufruct, amortization, depreciation and interest calculations;
» Accounting by Fiscal Year and Crop Year;
» Dynamic financial, accounting and management dashboards;
» Reliability of financial and accounting information.

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Explore reports and graphs for managerial, financial, and accounting analysis, using detailed or consolidated dynamic filters.

» Control of liabilities, amortization and interest balances;
» Control of prices negotiated by lease;
» Contract management by Unit, Location and State
» Control of active balances and depreciation;
» Measurement of adjustments;
» Measurement of amounts brought to present value;
» Projection of future installments;
» Projections of asset and liability balances.

Intuitive and integrated solution


» Accelerated deployment, with import of contracts;
» Intuitive solution, with templates by modality and easy to operate;
» Automatic integration of currencies, indices and market rates for contractual adjustments;
» Real-time web service integration with SAP;
» Accounting and financial integration with ERPs (Oracle, SAP, Totvs, and others)
» Up-to-date solution in accordance with market standards and best practices;

ifrs 16 Intuitive and integrated solution
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“The WFN Lease solution provides a simplified management of leasing contracts, ranging from the implementation of the contracts to generating reports and accounting them. We obtained gains in efficiency in internal controls and standardization of information."

Michael Lima | Accounting


“Gesplan has complete and very flexible reports, with good navigation, meeting the accounting criteria. Each monthly closing takes less 4 hours of activities that have been reduced and optimized, in addition to information security and automation that reduces manual errors.”

Silvio Roberto Camargo | Corporate Controllership


“WFN Lease is a tool that has given us automation, standardization and greater efficiency in the calculation processes inherent to IFRS 16, contributing significantly to the company's management and accounting closing processes.”

Giovanna Miceli Ishizuka | Fixed Assets Supervisor
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“Gesplan's differentials are in providing an user-friendly software, available employees, data integrity and accuracy in reports which are powerful tools that we use in our daily lives.”

Rafael Neto | Controller


“The benefits were great, I wouldn't be able to cope without the system, the WFN Lease made life easier. The system came to unify the areas involved in the control of IFRS 16 and all information is consolidated into a single control. The benefits are great, and we recommend this software solution.”

Paulo Parro | Tax and Accounting Area
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