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Budget, Monitoring, Planning and Simulation of Economic-Financial Scenarios

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Economic and financial planning

GS Plan is the strategic tool for the simulation, modeling, and monitoring of corporate planning.

Through Economic and Financial Analysis, Balance Sheet, Income Statement (DRE) and Cash Flow Statement (Direct and Indirect) it is possible to view, analyze and compare different projections of scenarios (short, medium and long term) and consolidation ownership of multiple organizations.

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Simulation of short, medium, and long-term scenarios

Forecast (actual + projected)

Control of variations (Planned vs. Accomplished)

Performance indicators linked to planning

Business intelligence solution


» Projection by Business Events: sales, production, purchases and inventory;
» Projection and monitoring of the production chain;
» Fixed expenses and investments;
» Loan and financing projections;
» Application of financial and operational policies;
» Structuring of Tax Planning;
» Projection of Compensation for shareholders;
» Measurement of results by cash and competence;
» Conversion of statements; accounting for foreign currencies;
» Accounting consolidation of multiple organizations;
» Drill-down navigation;
» Monitoring of the main financial statements, Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Cash Flow and Indicators.

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Budget and Tracking Outlay, Expenses, and Investments

Decentralize the spending and investment budget and manage the control of budgetary allocations, commitments, variations (Real x Budget) and justification flow.

The GS Budget allows the elaboration and control of the budget of expenses, operating expenses, and investments, by company, business units, projects, cost centers, accounting accounts and spending package (Matrix), integrated with the main management systems (ERPs).

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Control and commitment of budgetary budget, integrated with ERP, with workflow

Decentralization, collaboration, and productivity in the budget process

Agility and integrity in consolidating information

Analyzes structured by account group and cost center hierarchies

Benefits far beyond your ERP/ EPM


» Access security by user profile (companies, scenarios, features);
» Definition of approval schedules;
» Matrix Budget Structure by spending package;
» Details of operational expenses and other expenses;
» Personnel expenses budget (by headcount, positions and payroll);
» Investment budget per project;
» Indexing for Simulation of Scenarios;
» Criteria for apportioning expenses and expenses between the Cost and Accounts Center;
» Control and management of budget and commitment funds;
» Comparative analysis (Real x Budget) integrated with ERP.

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Sales Planning and Monitoring

Intended at the Sales and Sales Controllership area, GS Sales is the system for planning and monitoring sales targets.

From different dimensions, simulations of scenarios, forecasting, profitability analysis and contribution margin make it possible to monitor results by market, sales channel, representative, distribution channel, country, category or family of products, among other segregations in the company's marketing structure.

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Budgeted, real and comparative analysis of contribution margin

Análise orçada, real e comparativa da margem de contribuição

Consolidated and detailed at the product level

Analysis of tax impacts by region, channel, and product

Analyze the impact of planning on sales profitability


» Security of access by user profile (companies, scenarios, hierarchies and functionalities);
» Simulation of discount policies, taxes and variable expenses;
» Profitability analysis by hierarchical level (channel, characteristics, region, etc.);
» Allocations of Operating Expenses and Expenses;
» Margin and Contribution and Profitability Analysis;
» Indexing for Simulation of scenarios;
» Monitoring and comparisons (Real x Planned);
» Income Statement by hierarchy (P&L).

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"The solution provides security and confidence in strategic decisions based on simulations and economic-financial projections for long-term acquisitions and investments."

Fabio Trugílio | Corporate Financial Planning Director
Grupo Ecorodovias


“The integration was carried out in a practical and didactic way, with a very participative strategic planning team. In addition, the implementation was very well supported, with the understanding of our need and adaptation to Mundial's business model. Thus, the customer feels involved, not just as an operating system, but as a solution for the company.”

Bruno Rugiero | Controllership Coordinator