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Manage investment contracts, loans, guarantees, derivatives and mutual through intelligent models, with automatic quotes from the financial market

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Financial Operations Management

WFN Financing is the complete solution for the management of Financial Operations. Using advanced automated calculations, it is possible to manage Applications, Loans, Derivatives, Loans and Bank Guarantees, quickly and intuitively.

Cloud solution, available as a service (SaaS), WFN Financing is always up to date with the market, ensuring that contracts are reflecting the most up-to-date quotes and projections in the financial market.

Forget spreadsheets and parallel controls!

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Automatic update of balances, quotes, rates, and indices

Customizable workflow

Automatic integration of financial and accounting information

Adequacy to current and auditing standards (IFRS, SOX, etc.)

Benefits far beyond your ERP


» Integrity of financial and accounting information;
» Automated and standardized calculation templates;
» Optimization of time and resources;
» Interactive dashboards and reports, with dynamic filters;
» Monitoring and controlling the liquidity of operations, indebtedness, foreign exchange exposure and others;
» Synchronization of quotations and fees with the main financial market regulatory institutions and agents
» Analysis, projections and risk management through scenario simulation;
» Management reports on portfolio profitability and the cost of debt;
» Sending information and requesting authorizations through Workflow;
» Exposure control and bank limits;
» Mark to Market calculations and cash flow at present value;
» Control of bank guarantees, guarantees and guarantors.

Managing financial operations
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Explore reports and graphs from dynamic, detailed, or consolidated filters.

» Portfolio cost and profitability;
» Currency exposure and bank limits;
» Debt payment flow;
» Short, medium, and long-term debt position;
» Position of applications;
» Balances marked to market (MTM);
» BMF curve curves.

Solução intuitiva e integrada


» Implantação acelerada;
» Solução intuitiva, de fácil operacionalização;
» Solução atualizada conforme as normas e melhores práticas do mercado;
» Integração automática dos títulos ao Contas a Pagar do ERP;
» Integrações em tempo real por web service com SAP;
» Integrações contábeis e financeiras com o ERP  (Oracle, SAP, Totvs e outros).

Managing financial operations
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“With WFN Financing, we now have greater control over our financial operations (funding, investments, and loan transactions between companies), making our decision-making more assertive and helping to understand the market that is becoming more and more volatile. We must also highlight the part of accounting with our ERP, switching from manual to automatic, thus optimizing our operational activities.”

Denise Soares | Financial Management


“With WFN Financing we had substantial gains in the agility of internal processes, in the closing of accounts, in the export of consolidated lots, in the automation of financial indicators and in the management of contracts, with improvements identified by the Gesplan team. In addition, the Dashboard brought to Treasury a type of fundamental information to improve the analysis of the company's indebtedness and other indicators. The commitment, partnership and availability throughout the project demonstrate the dedication of Gesplan and its team.”

Márcio Souza Jr | PMO/Project Manager
BR Malls


“With the use of WFN Financing, we eliminated the controls that were previously done in spreadsheets. In addition to the practicality and maximization of processes, we gained security in the controls and eliminated internal distortions and, in some cases, the financial institutions themselves, which promptly made the adjustments indicated by the software. We constantly simulate scenarios, and the tool has supported us in making decisions."

Gustavo Ballarotti Tarfowski | Financial Director


"The automation brought by WFN Financing optimizes our management, allowing us to analyze our operations with more criticality and assertiveness, thus resulting in better returns for the company."

Simone Oliveira | Treasury


“Gesplan's differentials in terms of ease of use by users, available employees, data integrity and accuracy in reports are powerful tools that we use in our daily lives.”

Rafael Neto | Controller

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