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Financial Operations Management

Manage Applications, Loans, Derivatives, Loans and Bank Guarantees in an agile and intuitive way.

Cash Flow Management

Suitable for cash flow management, taking into account realized, forecast and budgeted transactions.

Planning, Budget and Profitability

Strategic solutions for analysis and simulation of scenarios that help in decision making.

Rental and Lease Management

Standardize the control and consolidation of information, generate accounting information in full compliance with IFRS 16.

Management of Clauses and Contractual Obligations

Efficient software for managing covenants and contractual clauses aimed at mitigating risks, with automation and compliance.

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“With WFN Financing we had substantial gains in the agility of internal processes, in the closing of accounts, in the export of consolidated lots, in the automation of financial indicators and in the management of contracts, with improvements identified by the Gesplan team. In addition, the Dashboard brought to Treasury a type of fundamental information to improve the analysis of the company's indebtedness and other indicators. The commitment, partnership and availability throughout the project demonstrate the dedication of Gesplan and its team.”

Márcio Souza Jr | PMO/Project Manager
BR Malls


“WFN Cash has brought many improvements to our daily lives. In a short time, we have already realized that the tool has a potential to be discovered by the user, such as the creation of new reports. We also verified the automation of several processes, such as integration, reconciliation, import and reading of bank statements. Now we have agility in the information, and with that we gain time management.”

Mayrelin Marques | Financial Analyst


“The benefits were great, I wouldn't be able to cope without the system, the WFN Lease made life easier. The system came to unify the areas involved in the control of IFRS 16 and all information is consolidated into a single control. The benefits are great, and we recommend this software solution.”

Paulo Parro | Tax and Accounting Area
Grupo Martins